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  • Themes

    Choose from a growing number of event background themes to brighten up your countdown.

  • Custom Photos

    Upload your own background photos to your countdown to give your event countdown that personal touch.

  • Format

    Choose the format you count down in eg. months, weeks or days until your event.

Are you looking to create a countdown timer for an event? We can help! Whether it's a club night, school sports day, charity run or the day of your surgery you can use our platform to create a countdown to an event. Choose a theme or upload your own photos.

Here are some examples of events you can make event countdowns for:

Music Event Countdowns

  • Countdown until a music festival
  • Gig countdown
  • Club night countdown
  • Countdown to your album/single release

Charity Event Countdowns

  • Breast cancer charity run countdown
  • Charity awards night countdown
  • Donation deadline countdown

Christmas Event Countdowns

  • Christmas Fete Countdown
  • Kids Nativity countdown
  • Countdown till we see Santa
  • Christmas market countdown 

Business Event Countdowns

  • Team building day countdown
  • Pitch countdown
  • Presentation countdown 
  • New job countdown
  • Retirement countdown

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