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Can I make my own countdown?

Yes! Click the register/login button at the top of the website to create your account. Once it's been created click the 'Create Countdown' button on your account navigation bar.

How can I add my own images to my countdown?

Once you have created your countdown and selected a default theme to use, go back to 'My Countdown's' in the navigation and click the 'Edit' icon for the countdown you wish to add images to. You'll see the details for that countdown which can be edited along with an image uploader at the bottom. You can upload up to 5 images.

What is 'My Wall' in my account?

'My Wall' is an area that shows countdowns you're tracking. When you create a countdown it will automagically be added to your wall. You can also track any other countdows your find across the site by clicking the '+' icon for that countdown in the results list.

I have shared a countdown on Facebook. Why doesn't it count down like yours does on there?

We create video countdowns which we share on Facebook. If you share the countdown a static image will be shown saying how many days remain to the countdown you share, it's still pretty cool! If you're looking to live stream then you could use a service like LiveReacting (Affiliate link).

Can I live stream a countdown to Facebook?

If you would like to live stream your countdown to Facebook we ask that you please include a link back to the countdown URL on your post. You can use a service like LiveReacting or download and set up your own streaming software.



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