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Угадай мелодию

Season 21 Premiere Date

Countdown to 3rd January 2025 at 4:30PM (Asia/Kamchatka Time)

Угадай мелодию

What is Угадай мелодию?

Угадай мелодию is an upcoming TV show.

Where can I watch Угадай мелодию?

You can watch it on Первый канал

What is Угадай мелодию about?

Follow "Guess the melody" is a musical television game, the essence of which is to guess the song or artist by the sounding melody. The latest project of Vlad Listyev. The game consists of three rounds and super games. Three people are playing. In the first round, four categories are given, in the category of four "notes" worth from 10 to 100 rubles ...

Угадай мелодию Season 21 Premiere Date can be watched/streamed on Первый канал

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